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FEBRUARY 22, 2000: It has been awhile since my last update. I am updating the pages and making some changes. I have changed the name and am working on some new features to add to the pages.
JUNE 7, 1999: I have not worked on the webpages for sometime. I had been a SAHM for 4 years and then back to work at the school my children attend. I am now a SAHM again and am really working to get the pages updated and to add some new features. I have been working on removing outdated links and adding some new ones. I will be working on this for the next few days. I hope to have everything cleaned up soon.
JULY 6, 1998: Added 6 new LAYOUTS.
JUNE 13, 1998: Added new "Scrappin with Rosie"WEBRING.
JUNE 2, 1998: Changed FEATURED SITE.
MAY 29, 1998: Corrected addy for Canadian Scrapbooking and added 2 new links to SCRAPBOOK LINKS.Added 1 new FONT LINK and added a new GUESTBOOK!!
MAY 8, 1998: Added 3 new links to SCRAPBOOK LINKSand 2 new links at ON-LINE SUPPLY SOURCES. Also added new FEATURE SITE.
APRIL 20, 1998: Corrected addy for Kristen's Scrapbook and added 7 new links to SCRAPBOOK LINKS. Corrected addy for Designing Memories and added 3 new links to ON-LINE SUPPLY SOURCES. Added 1 new link to CLIPART/FONT LINKS.
APRIL 6, 1998: Added 6 new SCRAPBOOK LINKS and 2 new ON-LINE SUPPLY LINKS.
MARCH 15, 1998: Added 3 new SUPPLY LINKS and corrected URL for Disney Lyrics and Magnetic Personalities on the POEM, LYRICS LINKS and added 1 new font link at FONTS/CLIPART LINKS.
MARCH 11, 1998: Added directions on how I made the LAYOUTS.
MARCH 10, 1998: Added 6 new LAYOUTS
MARCH 6, 1998: Added Happy b-day party album to SCRAPBOOK LINKS and added 2 new links to POEM LINKS and link to Las Vegas Scrappin' Safari under MISC. LINKS.
MARCH 2, 1998: Added My Home "n Family to SCRAPBOOK LINKS.
FEBRUARY 27, 1998: Added 7 new LAYOUTS.Changed Krystal's homepages to SCRAPLINK and added 3 new SCRAPBOOK LINKSand 3 new FONT/CLIPART LINKS
FEBRUARY 23, 1998: Added a new feature. Join Scrapbook Addicts mailing list and receive e-mail when anything new has been added or changed on the webpage. Added 7 new SCRAPBOOK LINKS and 3 new Supply linksAdded 7 new LAYOUTS.
FEBRUARY 13, 1998: Joined a new scrapbook WEBRING.
FEBRUARY 10, 1998: Moved all Scrapbook Links, On-line Supply Sources, Poems Links, Font/Clipart Links, & Misc. Scrapbook Links off of the homepage to their own page LINKS
FEBRUARY 9, 1998: Added a new feature ADD-A-LINK. Corrected addy for the CMC Loop #3 and added 4 new SCRAPBOOK LINKS. Added 1 new ON-LINE SUPPLY SOURCE LINKS.
FEBRUARY 7, 1998: Added 4 new layouts.
FEBRUARY 4, 1998: Changed the name of Dynails Page to Scrap 'N Post and added 5 new links to the SCRAPBOOK LINKS. Added 11 new links to the ON-LINE SUPPLY SOURCE. Added 3 new links to FONTS / CLIPART LINKS. Added 1 new link to MISC LINKS.
FEBRUARY 2, 1998: Added a different message board because the other was private only and I wanted a public message board.SCRAPBOOK ADDICT MESSAGE BOARD
FEBRUARY 1, 1998: Added a new feature to the site SCRAPBOOK ADDICT MESSAGE BOARD
JANUARY 31, 1998: Added a new feature to the site SPECIAL MEMORIES. Also added 3 new pages to layouts.
JANUARY 27, 1998: Added 13 new links to Scrapbook Links and Changed address of Scrapper Anonymous. Changed address for Fanatic Scrapper & added 1 new link to the On-line Source page. Added 1 new link to the Poems,Lyricspage.
JANUARY 26, 1998: Added 21 new links to the On-line Scrapbook Supply Source page.
JANUARY 20, 1998: Added first layout. Still learning scanner so picture may be a little less than perfect.
JANUARY 13, 1998: Changed the look of Webpage!!