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Here you will find questions to ask your children every year, so that you can make your own "Special Memories" pages. Here is how I plan to make my "Special Memories" pages. Each year I will ask my children these questions (age appropriate) and make a layout page to put in their album with a picture of them at that age. Hope this makes sense and as soon as I have one of these pages done I will post it on my layouts page.

First Word Said First (baby) Food I tried Words I Can Say (toddler) Favorite Snack
Favorite Food Favorite Soda/Drink Favorite Flavor of Jello Favorite Restaurant
Favorite Color Favorite Toy Favorite Game Favorite Bedtime Story
Favorite Sport Favorite Book Favorite Holiday Favorite Song
Favorite Movie Favorite TV Show Favorite Actor/Actress Favorite Cartoon Character
Favorite Singer/Group Favorite Radio Station Favorite Past Time Favorite Hobby
Favorite School Subject Least Favorite School Subject Favorite Teacher Favorite Magazine
Favorite Place To Shop Favorite Place To Hang Out Favorite Outfit Biggest Fad
When I Grow Up I Want To Be? If I Could Go Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be? Favorite Vacation Most Embarassing Moment
Favorite Thing About Yourself Who's Your Best Friend Who Are My Friends Favorite Field Trip
Memories of First Day of School Memories of Last Day of School School Colors and Mascot Awards Received
Achievements Accomplished Clubs/Organizations belonged to Age, Height and Weight Biggest News Headlines